Biosecurity Remains Top Priority in Midwest Poultry Farms

Poultry farmers in Iowa and across the Midwest continue to follow strict biosecurity practices to prevent a repeat of the devastating avian flu outbreak in 2015.

Russ Yoder, president of Iowa Turkey Federation, explains the process and how it contributes to the safety of their products.

“Disinfecting boots all the time, washing clothes, washing pickups and tires – it’s a never-ending battle,” Yoder says. “And when you go to town, you don’t wear your boots into the gas station, you don’t wear your boots into the feed mill, or anywhere. Then, when you get out to the farm, you change your boots and you disinfect. You’re only as strong as your weakest link and all it takes is once.”

Warmer weather helps the chickens avoid bird flu.

“A 48-degree, cold, damp day, they say AI can live up to 30 days in those environments. Whereas, you get an 85-degree, warm, sunny, dry day, it can live up to three hours. So, weather is a part of it. This time of the year is the big challenge. So, we just need to keep working on biosecurity,” Yoder said.

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