BFREPA Issues Statement on Avian Flu Risk to Free Range Eggs

British Free Range Egg Producers Association Chief Robert Gooch released a statement on avian flu threat to free-range eggs in England.

It states that BFREPA is concern with the risk of avian influenza to free range flocks due to numbers of migratory birds.

The statement further says, “From 1 March, Defra have identified certain parts of England as Higher Risk where poultry must remain housed (or the range completely netted), while outside of these areas free range producers may be able to let their birds back out with enhanced biosecurity.”

BFREPA has issued an order that some of the flocks will still be decided upon if they will be released outside as a measure to balance the local risk of avian influenza.

“Producers are ensuring that housed birds are being well looked after and strict biosecurity protocols are followed at all times,” statement says.

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