Batangas: Home of the Great Game Fowls

Bacolod has become famous for being the chicken capital of the Philippines. But throughout the years, information has become available everywhere. This made every part of the country to develop their blood lines and create great game fowls.

One of the best place to look for a great game fowl is in Batangas. Game fowls love cool climate, grassy land, and mountains. Batangas took all the condition make a game fowl’s life comfortable.

Flat areas are no for a game fowl and heat too. That is why for Batangueños, their game fowls can easily match game fowls coming from Manila and other parts.

Prominent breeders in Batangas are Atong Ang, Gerry Ramos, Sonny Magtibay, Nilo Magtibay, William Dy, Boyet Plaza, and Joe Alimbuyuguen.

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