Backyard Chicken Lays One of World’s Biggest Eggs

Dennis Goslow, a hobby farmer in Canada, got a huge surprise when he went to collect the eggs of his backyard hens.

He found an egg that weighs 180 grams with the size of a large apple.

“The egg seems to be a little bit warped,” Goslow said. “You can imagine, the poor thing coming out. It looks like an egg, but it’s a little rough. It was warm when I picked it up.”

Normal eggs weigh 50 to 58 grams on average.

While it could make a case as the heaviest egg from Canada, it is far from the heaviest egg on record. That title belongs to a New Jersey egg laid in 1956 weighing 454 grams.

Goslow raises a few dozen chickens in his backyard and he isn’t sure which one laid the big egg.

“I was looking for the one that didn’t have any butt,” he said. “When I was in there it seemed like one chicken was all light and happy.”

There may be an egg inside the big egg, which is not unheard of. Goslow believes that the hen who laid the big egg may have had trouble pushing out the first egg so another egg formed around it.

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