Backyard Breeders: Backbone of Game Fowl Industry


Backyard breeders may be lacking in budget, but they make up for it with heart and passion for what they do.

They are the backbone of the game fowl industry.

Cockfighting can prove to be an expensive hobby, but backyard breeders always find a way to survive. Of course, some of them have money to spare as well.

Backyard breeders have big contributions to the game fowl industry. They consume game fowl-related products daily and they pay them in cash.

Big-time breeders often get discounts and sometimes get free supplies if they are endorsing certain products.

Without backyard breeders, big-time breeders are not going to get any endorsement deals or discounts. Companies get the services of big-time breeders to sell their products to the backyard breeders.

Cockfighting is popular in provinces with some municipalities boasting more than one cockpit. For sure, most of the cockers there are backyard breeders.

The game fowls of backyard breeders are no patsies either. Gone were the days when their game fowls are considered weak.

They are no winning big events as their knowledge in terms of breeding and conditioning continues to grow.

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