Avian Flu Threatens Millions of Domestic Poultry in Uganda

The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) reported that an H5 type of avian influenza was detected in Uganda, posing a threat to millions of domestic poultry in the country.

It is still not yet known whether it is the H5N8 strain that has been causing problems all over Europe and recently spread to Nigeria.

There were 20 cases in birds and seven deaths in the Masaka region of Uganda that were reported to the OIE in the past weeks and 30,000 village birds were listed as susceptible.

Reports said that there were also hundreds of cases in white-winged terns in Wasiko and Masaka.

Comments from Uganda’s Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries indicate the problem may be larger.

“There are still continuous deaths of wild ducks and birds along the shores and islands of Lake Victoria in Masaka and Wakiso districts,” the Ministry said.

“In Masaka alone, wild and domestic birds are dying at alarming numbers and in Lutembe wetland white-winged terns are the ones dying. This is already a big threat to over 30 million domestic poultry in Uganda, which calls for an urgent response to control the spread of the disease from wild birds to domestic birds.”

Neighboring countries Kenya and Rwanda reportedly banned imports of poultry productions

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