Aviagen India Hosts Poultry Production Management School

Image result for aviagenAviagen recently completed its first poultry management school in India for production managers, supervisors and veterinarians, who routinely handle birds and manage flock performance and welfare.



The school used a tried and tested Aviagen formula in such event – a combination of lectures, practical demonstrations and a facilities tour.

On opening day, attendees learned about the genetic program of Aviagen, male management, and what to look forward in managing broilers in nutrition and hatchery.

Ventilation requirements for environmentally controlled and open-sided houses, latest trends in broiler breeder equipment, poultry diseases and gut health were tackled on the second day.

On the third and last day, attendees were toured in the production facilities of Aviagen. The company showed the importance of biosecurity in flock management. They also escorted the attendees to the quarantine farm and gave workshops on brooding setup, vaccination and post mortem techniques and grading.

“The first poultry production school in India was a tremendous success with attendees fully engaged and embracing new information to take back and apply in their respective company operations. On completion of a customer support event like this, we get motivated by the people and become even more enthusiastic about the great prospects for the domestic industry. We hope Aviagen can continue to share the success and progress made at the school and we all offer a big thank you to the customers who attended and look forward to working with them further in the near future,” said Paul Gittins, business director of Aviagen India.

Aviagen has been organizing and hosting production management schools in major markets of the global poultry industry for more than 60 years.

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