Australia Exports Eggs to South Korea


Australian Egg Corporation Limited has announced the exportation of Australian eggs to bird flu-plagued South Korea.

A new export agreement to allow Australian eggs to be exported to South Korea has already been finalized between the two governments.

South Korea earlier announced the lifting of import tariffs on eggs. The policy will last until June 30, 2017.

Australia is expected to export around $20 million worth of eggs to South Korea this year as the latter tries to recover from the effect of losing 30 million hens due to bird flu.

The worst bird flu outbreak in its history left South Korea short of about 180 million eggs per week.

“We are happy to be helping South Korean consumers and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate Australian egg farmers’ ability to step up and play a leading role in the long term food security of the Asia Pacific region,” said Australian Egg Corporation Limited Managing Director Rowtan McMonnies.

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