Artist Tries to Hatch Eggs

For 21 days, Abraham Poincheval sits on chicken eggs as mother hen to hatch them.

In order to prove gender equality and question on metamorphosis, he would have to incubate the eggs while inside a glass (vivarium) and pose as an art.

He said that he would also do what normal chickens do by eating worms and beetles, stay inside a limestone rock where he sleep and slurp some soup.

Because the eggs need warmer temperature to hatch, Abraham needed to cover himself with blanket and eat some ginger to raise his body temperature.

However, R. Michael Hulet, an associate professor of animal science at Penn State University said that the art poses some inhumane acts as humans couldn’t maintain the needed high temperature to hatch eggs.

“It’s a welfare situation,” he says. “I think that life is more important than some of those things that are called art.”

Abraham defended his art by saying that it not just an experiment of hatching eggs.

“But I like to think the joy of art is to share what you do with an audience so that they can inhabit other lives, ideas and dreams. There are lots of ways to get people to stare; the art is in helping them to feel,” he said.

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