How People Detect Egg’s Gender in 1920s

Old SciTech have pretty amazing inventions that incredibly works such as the string can phone used to communicate with another person on the line and the sex detector used by pregnant women. You have probably heard this before to your grandmas and would not believe its accuracy.

For today’s technology, the sex detector which is made with a piece of string and small weight at the end would not pass the standard. With modern machines used to see the unborn baby and its gender, the old sex detector is just a remnant of the past.

But this gadget has rocked the world in 1920s. It made by Sex-Detector Laboratories and operating it is quite simple. Simply hang the device on top of the unhatched egg and it would move according to the creature’s sex. Pendulum-like movement indicates a male egg and a circular motion to a female egg.

It was later became controversial with its accuracy but for people in the poultry industry, it’s a revolutionary invention, helping them to know the gender of their stocks.

Competition inspired Janos Company in New York City to create their own version. Years after, it was said that the gadget actually didn’t work and pulled out in the market.

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