7 Steps of Successful Game Fowl Breeding (Part XIII)

This is a continuation of our weekend series discussing the basic concepts and considerations in breeding game fowls.

It is originally published in the site gamecock care.

Step 7. Record Keeping

To keep track of the specific individuals and matings used in the breeding program, it is necessary to keep accurate records. This will help when the breeder needs to go back and figure out exactly how specific fowl were bred or to determine the degree of relationship between certain individuals within a family or bloodline.

Records should identify the individuals used in the brood pen, including their bloodline, toe mark and wing band number. The toe marks and wing band numbers for the chicks produced from this mating also need recording in the record book. You should also record the number of eggs set, chicks hatched, and date hatched.

During the growing period, you have to record mortality caused from predators, disease, culling or other reasons, and note the brood pen number. If you use medication or vaccinate, record what, when and why it was used and the results.

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