7 Steps of Successful Game Fowl Breeding (Part XII)

This is a continuation of our weekend series discussing the basic concepts and considerations in breeding game fowls.

It is originally published in the site gamecock care and it is a continuation of Step 6 entitled Managing Brood Fowl.

  1. When using an incubator or a surrogate mother to hatch eggs, the eggs should be picked up at least once per day, kept clean and stored between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Discard undersized, oversized and odd-shaped eggs.
  3. Wash dirty eggs soon after gathering. Use hot water and soap or plain hot water and dip in a diluted bleach solution.
  4. Feed a breeder pellet if available. The breeder diet is balanced to promote optimum fertility and hatchability, as well as good egg shell quality. Laying pellets are formulated for the commercial production of eggs without consideration of the requirements of the developing embryo or newly hatched chick.
  5. Provide oyster shells free-choice for strong eggshells.
  6. Feed fruit and vegetables to penned fowl.
  7. Always provide clean fresh water and use a high quality vitamin/electrolyte product 1-3 days per week or more often during extreme heat.
  8. During the off-season when fowl are not breeding, allow them access to grass.
  9. Practice biosecurity. Keep visitors to a minimum, and require shoe disinfection for those who do visit.
  10. Minimize the introduction of new fowl onto the premises. New fowl are potential disease carriers. Isolate new fowl for at least two weeks before introducing them into your breeding program.

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