5 Keys to Success in Cockfighting

Great bloodline doesn’t guarantee success in cockfighting. A combination of little things can spell victory or defeat, particularly when the game fowls are evenly matched.

The following are some tips that could help cockfighters get on the road to winning:

  1. Focus on only a few bloodlines. Real good breeders made a name for themselves courtesy of one great line. Harold Brown and his Hatch, Gary Gilliam and his Roundheads, Johnny Jalandoni and his Lemons, Nene Abello and his Sweaters and the list could go on and on. Quality over quantity is the key phrase. When you focus on fewer lines, you will be able to know your fowls more and improve them thru better selection and a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

  2. Invest in good farm facilities. Some would bet tens of thousands in cockfights, but can’t afford to give their fowls nice resting stalls before the fight. A functional farm facility need not be expensive. They can be made of any material available in your area to suit your budget. Your fowls know when you scrimp on them.

  3. Learn the basics of conditioning and pointing yourself. Have you ever figured out why some of our handlers would ask a raise or a big bonus every time you win a derby? If you do not know how to condition or point your own fowls, they know you are dependent on them and they know you will not win without their “expertise.” If you know how to condition and point your fowls yourself, you will win more regardless of the experience of your handlers and their assistants. Proper conditioning and pointing are products of good observation and common sense. You will also learn more about your fowls when you spend time with them in the keep.

  4. Remember that cutting ability is the name of the game. This is a line repeated hundreds of times but one so misunderstood by most. Choose the game fowls who throw their feet at full extension and with feathers flying every time they hit. There are still some cockfighters who go with beautiful birds with long flowing tail feathers just because they look great when walking in the pit.

  5. Health is wealth. Conditioning does not start on the first day of a 21-day keep but rather on the first day of a baby chick’s life. The amount of care our fowls received during the entire course of their existence will play a vital role in how they will perform at the pits. It is the difference between a win, a draw, and a loss. Use the best feeds as much as your budget would allow, have an ironclad vaccination program, disinfect your farm regularly, give your fowls regular exercise, keep them away from fat and give them the best facilities and environment when you can and if you can. Some of the more consistent winners do not even have great conditioning and pointing behind them, but the superior health of their game fowls have carried them to victory countless times.


  1. Freedlander A.Intia says:

    Helpful tips.thanks

  2. Ogunnusi Titilope says:

    How do I start breeding this kind of birds please?

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