34 Entries Advance into PSSC Derby Grand Final

Ayie & Eddie led 33 others into the grand final of the PSSC 2nd Anniversary 5-Cock Derby after an impressive showing during the first elimination of the event on Thursday (December 8) at the New Antipolo Coliseum in Antipolo City.



There were 24 entries who scored a perfect 2 points, including Ayie & Eddie, to gain a share of the P112,888 prize for the champions for the day.

Also advancing into the 3-cock derby grand final were 10 more entries with 1.5 points. The finale is set on Friday (December 16) at the Blue Mountain Sports Arena in Antipolo City.

One of Ayie & Eddie’s game fowls also topped the fastest kill event after eliminating his opponent in just 12.12 seconds.

Also earning a prize in the fastest kill event are the entries of DM Chief Bully Boy IV (12.46 seconds), JDM-888-II (13.94 seconds), MDB Palaban II- (14.29 seconds), Alexandra & RBC Deer Spring (14.95 seconds), EFG (15.43 seconds),  Van Dog- II- (16 seconds) and Lyra Vita-I (16.31 seconds).

Joining the first batch of finalists are the cockfighters who will score 1.5 or 2 points in the second elimination slated on Tuesday (December 13) at the New Angono Arts and Sports Arena in Angono, Rizal. Like the first elimination, the second elimination is a 2-cock derby with fastest kill event.

Below are the entry names of the finalists after the first elimination.

2 Points:

  1. JDM- 888-I
  2. JDM- 888-II
  3. TGRZ Warrior
  4. Lagancia Bros-128-I
  5. Central Smart-E Jan 17 BMSA III
  6. DM Chief Bully Boy Mad Science-IV
  7. Vandog II
  8. JTB Jan-11 1-Cock F/K II
  9. Tata Rudy Ruben Llamador
  10. Batibot B
  11. SJ Pio Duran
  12. Kilabot Aces
  13. BIJ
  14. EFG
  15. EFG- I
  16. Uklaw Dubai Tonton
  17. Emilio-II
  18. Agiladon GF-II
  19. Alexandra & RBC Deer Spring
  20. Barommel-29- I
  21. Happy Fiesta
  22. RSJ
  23. Patricia Stingrey
  24. Ayie & Eddie

1.5 Points:

  1. Lagancia Bros-III
  2. LyraVita-128-I
  3. Golden Pearl- 128
  4. Central Smart-E
  5. Adelaida- III
  6. HCR Tulisan
  7. SML Lucky Boy
  8. MOB Palaban- I
  9. APT Tom- I
  10. An Josef

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