28th Philippine Eagle Hatched in Captivity

The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) recently announced the successful hatching of another eagle in captivity.


It was the 28th Philippine Eagle hatched in captivity and the third successfully hatched offspring of eagles MVP (male) and Go Phoenix (female) after Sinag and Chick 27. The parents are adopted eagles of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. and Edisy Trading, respectively.

The eaglet broke out of its shell on November 4 after 56 days of incubation. It is 5 inches tall and weighs 488.4 grams.

“In the midst of continued mortality and persecution in the wild, this hatching success underscores the importance of conservation breeding as way of securing this species’ gene pool,” said Dennis Salvador, PEF executive director.

According to an animal keeper at PEF, the eaglet shows no sign of deformities, is active and has big appetite.

The Philippine Eagle is considered an endangered specie with only around 400 pairs left in the wild. Deforestation continues to pose serious threat to their population as a pair of Philippine Eagles needs 7,000 to 13,000 hectares of rain forest to survive.

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