2018 Tips for Poultry Growers

Poultry industry is not that good in 2017 with number of changes and devastations that plagued number of poultry farms. But 2018 comes, there is another chance to regain what is loss in 2017.

In order to have a good 2018 output, here’s an excerpt from Daily Nation.

First, whether you formulate your own feeds like me or rely on commercial rations, you need to test their quality regularly. You see, investing in a good chicken breed is useless if the quality of the feeds is wanting.

There are many millers out there who sell sub-standard feeds to farmers. Poor quality feeds affect growth rate and can lead to diseases and death. Making my own feeds has helped me control the quality.

To verify, take a sample of feeds, commercial or home-made to a laboratory for testing. Myself I send the samples to Kalro, Naivasha. You may find that feeds are the reason production of your birds has dipped drastically.

Big Brother can’t solve all your problems:
Besides the quality, the cost of feeds accounts for up to 70 per cent of the total cost of producing an egg and chicken meat. In my case, the savings were minimal in the previous year partly because the cost of raw materials, especially maize, went up drastically.

I urged caution last year when the Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich gave a nod to millers to import yellow maize duty-free for use in making animal feeds to ease pressure on white maize. I also advocated for waiver of 16 per cent value added tax levied on raw materials for making animal feeds.

Unfortunately, none of these policy shifts have achieved their intended results. Therefore, the cost of animal feeds remains high. According to a study by the Tegemeo Institute, maize reflects a complex political economy that keeps prices artificially high. As such, policy directives targeting price reductions are a hard sell.

Business plans don’t answer all questions:

You’ve probably heard that before you venture into poultry farming, first develop a business plan. Okay, although it’s an important working document, a business plan is just a guide to ensure the risks you take do not outweigh the benefits.

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