2 Poultry Workers Monitored for Possible Bird Flu Infection

With the height of bird flu case in Pampanga, several authorities monitor and doing necessary precautionary measures to contain the virus.

The Department of Health (DOH) and Department of Agriculture (DA) are working hand in hand to eradicate the case. However, due to exposure to the environment, two poultry workers are being investigated with possible bird flu symptoms.

Workers are experiencing fever and coughs. “Influenza is characterized by fever, cough and sore throat so their symptoms are not complete. But because of the fact that they have symptoms, we can now call them ‘suspect cases.’ They have been isolated in a hospital so that they can be monitored closely,” DOH Spokesman Eric Tayag said in a press conference.

DOH has advised that human to human and animal to human transmission of the virus are less likely to happen.

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