10 Reasons to Pet a Chicken

Chickens are inexpensive to raise. It is also a healthy meat, perfect for those who are on a diet. Also, no religion has banned the consumption of chicken meat unlike beef and pork meats.

In India, the banning of beef by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and promotion to adopt cows has sparked debate on the internet that it promotes the division of Indians. One commenter suggested that they should have adopt chickens rather than cows.

Brilliantly, Rahul Motwani has given ten reasons why chickens are better to adopt than cows. Though some are for the sake of humor, it still makes sense, right?

Here’s Motwani’s reasons why you should adopt a chicken:

  1. It makes for an amazing pet.
  2. Personal insecticide.
  3. Personal alarm clock.
  4. Chickens are the dogs of the bird kingdom.
  5. You can make jokes that you have a personal chick.
  6. You can ponder over what came first; chicken or egg?
  7. Did you know if you rearrange all the continents of the world, they look like a chicken?
  8. Whoa!
  9. Start a poultry farm
  10. Chicken makes for a delicious lunch and dinner option.

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